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AEROTECHNIKI ZENIOS ZENIOU LTD was established in 1980.
AEROTECHNIKI is based in Dhali Industrial Estate and it is housed in 1700m2 of self-owned premises.

AEROTECHNIKI is probably the largest and the only company in Cyprus that deals only with Ventilation and for that reason we have gained the right to be called, “Ventilation Experts”. Our range of in house products include Spiral Ducts, Rectangular Ducts, Kitchen Hoods, Centrifugal Fans, Grilles, Diffusers, Louvers, Filters for Air Handling Units & Fan COIL Units, Opposed blade volume control dampers and practically everything that has to do with ventilation and HVAC equipment.

We are using state of the Art machinery such as Spiral Duct forming machine Plasma Cutting machine, Hydraulic vertical press, etc.


1. Larnaca International Airport
2. Paphos International Airport
3. Eleftheria Gymnastic Stadium (World beauty contest)
4. Limanaki at Paphos
5. McDonalds (all over the Island)
6. Kentucky Fright Chicken (KFC all over the Island)
7. Goodies Franchised Restaurant (all over the Island)
8. CY.T.A (Cyprus Telecommunication Authority).
9. Tsokkos Hotel
10. Florida Hotel
11. Dome Hotel
12. Olympic Hotel
13. Laiki Sporting Club
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